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Q.) How long until I feel the medication starting to work?

A.) It depends on your body. Most patients report feeling a difference the first week and others up to two weeks.

Q.) What if I am already receiving hormone pellet therapy? Can I transfer to your office ?

A.) No problem. You need updated blood work and a face to face with our physician. We will update your prescription at your visit.

Q.) Will BHRT make me moody?

A.) Any type of hormone imbalance can make you moody, so our goal is to stabilize your hormones at an optimal level for a healthy and happy life. Many of our patients and their spouses report they are less irritable on testosterone replacement therapy.

Q.) What age should I start testosterone replacement therapy?

A.) Testosterone therapy should only be taken if it is determined that you have a testosterone deficiency by a medical doctor. Age is not the main determining factor. Blood tests and symptoms are what allow us to properly assess patients. If you are feeling the symptoms associated with low testosterone and your testosterone is not in the optimal range, then you should consult with an expert to see if it is right for you.

Q.) How long do I need to be on testosterone replacement therapy?

A.) You should only be starting testosterone replacement therapy if you have a deficiency. It is not healthy to cycle on and off testosterone. If you wish to continue to keep your testosterone levels optimized and experience the benefits of BHRT, then you will need to continue. If something does happen that you need to discontinue therapy for any reason, please notify our doctor immediately so that he can explain the proper protocol for stopping treatment.

Q.) Are there any medical conditions that will not allow me to take testosterone replacement therapy?

A.) If you have prostate cancer, BHP (benign prostatic hyperplasia) polycythemia (over production of red blood cells), DVT (deep vein thrombosis), testosterone replacement therapy may not be right for you. Please discuss your options with your doctor.

Q.) What is a bio identical hormone?

A.) I bio identical hormone such as testosterone, matches the exact chemical structure at the molecular level of the “natural” hormone.

Q.) Is there a blood test required?

A.) A comprehensive blood test will be done to assess testosterone, estrogen, and thyroid function to ensure proper dosing.

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