10 Things Every Man Needs to Know About Testosterone

Jul 28, 2021
10 Things Every Man Needs to Know About Testosterone
Women are not the only ones that need hormones. Fluctuating hormones are most associated with women. However, men experience this too but never think that the way they feel is because of hormones.

Women are not the only ones that need hormones. Fluctuating hormones are most associated with women. However, men experience this too but never think that the way they feel is because of hormones.

In fact, they go through the male equivalent of menopause. This is called Andropause. This is a subject that is not talked about enough. We are not sure why whether it is embarrassment or the “tough guy” syndrome. It should be discussed because it plays a huge role in how well you feel as you age. The lack of conversation leaves many men in the dark about what their hormones are doing in their bodies.

Hormones affect the body in various ways, from energy and emotions to body composition.

  1. It causes hair loss. There is a strong link between testosterone and hair. A drop in hormone levels can be responsible for hair loss. It can cause hair to grow in new places too. Male pattern baldness is often genetic. But it can be start with low levels of testosterone.
  1. Testosterone does not make you aggressive. This idea is a myth. The misconception is damaging. This behavior is generally caused by other biological and social factors.
  1. Low testosterone can cause low libido. Testosterone is associated with sex drive however low testosterone can be responsible for a low libido and sex drive. It can also cause many men to suffer from erectile dysfunction. This s more common in older men but can occur at any age. In fact, 1 in 4 men under age 40 seek treatment for erectile dysfunction. Testosterone stimulates receptors in the brain which releases nitric oxide. That causes a series of chemical reaction, which causes an erection. Without adequate testosterone, this cannot occur.
  1. Men can develop breasts. Low testosterone triggers Gynecomastia in men. We can see this often during puberty but for middle-aged men gynecomastia can be more persistent. It is known to occur during andropause which is referred to as “male menopause” and is the result of low levels of estrogen.
  1. Men have hormone cycles. Men’s hormones fluctuate just like women on a daily and monthly basis. It affects the biological processes, moods, and emotions just the same as they do in women. Men can become stressed, grumpy, and irritable and it can change from one extreme to another.
  1. Low testosterone can cause fatigue. If you struggle to muster up enough energy to face your day even after a good night’s sleep, your hormones may be the reason. Insomnia, irritability, and stress caused by low testosterone in men can contribute to fatigue. This is worrisome and causes you to lose sleep which makes you feel even more tired.
  1. Excess estrogen can cause weight gain. Testosterone is “what makes men, men”. It allows them to have their muscular physique which is why they have more lean muscle mass and a higher metabolism. Hormone imbalance in men often means that testosterone drops while estrogen increases. The result can be weight gain. It can come out of no where even when you have not changed your diet or physical activity.
  1. Low testosterone can make you depressed. There is a strong link between low testosterone and depression. Hormones dictate moods, and hormone imbalance can wreak havoc in your body and emotions. If you find yourself down or feeling depressed it can be that you have low testosterone. The most common symptoms include persistent fatigue, irritability, lack of motivation and drive, and a decrease in sex drive.
  1. Too much alcohol can lower testosterone. While alcohol can have benefits, too much can cause your testosterone levels to drip. Regular over consumption of alcohol can contribute to low testosterone. Therefore, men who suffer from alcoholism often have low levels of testosterone and above levels of estrogen.
  1. Hot flashes can occur in men. Hot flashes and night sweats are common symptoms of menopause. It is quite common for men to experience them too. This can happen when low testosterone levels trick the brain to think that your body is overheated. This causes the blood vessels near the surface of the skin to widen which is when the sweating and flashes happen.

The effects of hormone imbalance in men can be difficult to deal with. Fortunately, there is treatment available which is quite easy. It can reduce and even eliminate these symptoms. The process starts with an analysis of your levels with a simple blood test. At New Vitality Centers, several levels are reviewed to determine the correct dosing. The easiest and most convenient method of treatment is called BHRT or Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. This is timed released pellets that delivers what your body needs on a daily basis. Most patients have treatment 2 to 3 times a year. The pellets are made with natural products – yams. No, you cannot eat yams to increase your testosterone. Throughout the treatment, the patient is monitored and evaluated to make sure that a perfect balance is restored.

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