The Difference Between Focus Linear Shockwave and Acoustic Radial Shockwave Treatment

Jul 24, 2023
erectile dysfunction
Not all Shockwave devices are created equal. If you have erectile dysfunction, and you're looking to reverse your condition. You deserve to know the truth about the false claims of acoustic wave therapy.

Not all Shockwave devices are created equal. If you have erectile dysfunction, and you're looking to reverse your condition. You deserve to know the truth about the false claims of acoustic wave therapy and the medical providers that are taking advantage of men just like you to save you from wasted time, money, and effort. We will uncover the numerous scams claiming to do shockwave therapy.

Focused linear shockwave therapy is an unbelievable medical treatment.  It restores man's natural ability to achieve and maintain an erection without medications, needles, or surgery.

This treatment has been studied for over a decade worldwide, and it indeed reverses erection dysfunction (ED).

Unfortunately, possibly the most widespread false claim is that acoustic pressure wave or radio devices are equivalent to Shockwave devices. Acoustic pressure wave or radio wave devices are not true Shockwave devices regardless of what many medical providers claim. The references below will describe the differences between radial acoustic waves and linear focus shock waves.
In this research, you'll find that a right shock wave travels faster than the sound speed, literally going 1500 meters per second, or the distance of 15 football fields in one second. To put this into perspective, the United States F1 fighter jets travel faster than the sound speed and create a shockwave during flight. On a much larger scale than a treatment for ED,  in comparison, acoustic waves travel at speeds of approximately 10 meters per second, a small fraction of a true Shockwave. This speed does not break the sound barrier, and no actual Shockwave is produced. And unfortunately, the majority of clinics use acoustic wave therapy devices. They often call their treatments something wave whether it's pain wave, main wave, Joe wave, or anything to differentiate themselves. The acoustic wave device has not been thoroughly studied and is not proven to be useful or safe and reversing ED in the long term. The focus Shockwave device is so effective because the machine allows us to control and focus the shockwaves. To such an extent, we're able to pass the shockwaves through the outer tissue of the penis that any effect or pain the energy is delivered to a focal point inside the penis where the blood vessels and soft tissue degeneration has occurred. This degeneration is known as vascular disorder and is the root cause of erectile dysfunction.

Acoustic waves do not penetrate, they create surface-level pressure outward, causing redness and inflammation only in the outer tissue, not inside the penis where rehabilitation needs to occur to reverse the ED.

Another critical piece to consider is the measurement of energy, sometimes referred to as the energy flux density, which is expressed in milli joules per millimeter of energy. Flux is defined as the amount of concentration of therapeutic energy being delivered to the damaged tissue inside the penis during treatment. This is extremely important because low-energy shockwaves typically under 0.7 mJoules/mm are considered therapeutic for the regeneration of blood vessel growth.

Furthermore, consistent energy to the damaged tissue, depth, and focus of energy is required to reverse ED. These variables can be controlled during treatment with a focused and linear device.  With acoustic wave therapy, you cannot control for these variables because the treatment requires physical pressure from the Medical Technician, pressing the device into the penis to try and reach the desired energy and frequency ranges. Literally, the device is pancaking your penis during treatment to achieve the desired effect. While most of the data and studies these clinics display on their website are true, what they don't state is that virtually all the studies used either focused or linear shockwave therapy, not acoustic waves, not acoustic pressure wave, and not radio waves. Now most men will see this vast amount of research and think it must be an excellent treatment, and it's a life-changing treatment. But if you read the data of each study, you'll find under the section titled Materials and Methods that focus shockwaves were used for treatment, not acoustic waves.

Dr. Truong uses Storr's medical focus Shockwave device, the exact device used in these published studies. There's not a single one that quotes acoustic waves. The truth is we're not the only ones angered by the old-fashioned bait-and-switch tactics. Providers who use acoustic wave therapy are conflating this with the research that has been conducted using focus shockwaves. Practitioners and patients should be aware that the treatments promoted by these providers at least at this point have not been proven to be clinically effective.

Personally, we believe that most doctors offering acoustic wave therapy have patients' best intentions in mind, but have fallen into what can be perceived as a bait-and-switch tactic. It's the same experience that many letdowns and frustrated patients experience. Another important reality you need to understand is that while having a treatment done with an acoustic wave device, there is a considerable amount of pain so much that patients need to apply a numbing cream to their penis 30 minutes before treatment. Another big question is, how many treatments should a man do? Dr. Truong has built her practice on honesty by following reputable research clinical data and consulting with international doctors who have used the right treatment longer than anyone in the United States. One of the most significant sources from the European Society for Sexual Medicine and the International Society for Sexual Medicine came together for over 20 years to present new data in the field of Sexual Medicine.

At this meeting, focused linear Shockwave devices are the exact types of treatment that provide curative results for men with ED. There was not a single piece of research or evidence shared in regard to acoustic wave therapy.

At this point, you may be thinking why any men's sexual health clinic in the United States would use acoustic wave therapy instead of the far more superior focused or linear Shockwave device. And I will leave that question for you to ask your neighborhood men's clinic to avoid wasting your money, and time, and exposing yourself to intense and painful treatment. Dr. Truong uses this superior device, linear Shockwave technology to treat ED. There's no pain, there's no numbing cream, and you'll have peace of mind that you're doing the right treatment.

“A study published in the Journal of Therapeutic Advances in Urology concluded that low-intensity shock-wave treatment aimed outside the body is a revolutionary treatment of ED and probably possesses unprecedented qualities that can rehabilitate erectile tissue.”
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“Low-intensity shockwave therapy is a promising novel therapeutic modality for restoring erectile function in men with vasculogenic ED. It is a safe and nonpainful treatment with a long-lasting effect on erectile function.”
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“With the application of minor shock waves through a small machine that hovers over the patient’s groin, tissue in the penis is stimulated to grow new blood vessels, improving blood flow – and therefore the potential for a sustained erection – dramatically.”
- What is the ‘impotence cure’ Ian Botham use and does it work?
“Our hope is that Low-Intensity Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy will be incorporated as an effective and well tolerated noninvasive option into the armamentarium of treatments currently being used in the clinical management of men suffering from ED.”
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“It’s hard to argue against an erectile dysfunction treatment that is potentially disease-modifying, is noninvasive, and seems to do no harm.”
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 “Shock wave therapy potentially allows a man to return to a more normal environment, where he doesn’t have to use medication. If he does still use medication, he will likely get a better result from it.”
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“Li-ESWT is the first treatment option for ED that has the potential to improve pharmacologically unassisted erectile function. The concept is unprecedented and revolutionary, and the effects at molecular and tissue level are largely unknown, although neoangiogenesis might have a key role. “
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“Focusing shock waves allows the desired effect to be confined to the target area, so that side effects outside the treatment zone can be reduced or even completely avoided. In most cases, shock wave treatment results in increased blood circulation and enhanced metabolic activity, leading to the onset of the healing process.”
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“Low-intensity shockwaves (LISW) are known to produce revascularization and have been in evaluation and in use to treat erectile dysfunction (ED).”
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“Penile LI-ESWT is a new modality that has the potential to treat a subgroup of severe ED patients. These preliminary data need to be reconfirmed by multicenter sham control studies in a larger group of ED patients.”
“The feasibility and tolerability of this treatment, coupled with its potential rehabilitative characteristics, make it an attractive new therapeutic option for men with erectile dysfunction.”