Your Diet Could Be Causing Erectile Dysfunction

Mar 09, 2023
Your Diet Could Be Causing Erectile Dysfunction
Erectile dysfunction (ED) can be caused by several factors — including your diet. Learn more about how ED and your diet are linked and what you can do about it.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that affects your sexual function by making it challenging for you to get and maintain an erection during sex. 

Across the globe, millions of men live with erectile dysfunction (ED) today. ED is one of the most common sexual disorders affecting men. Though the condition isn’t life-threatening, it can trigger anxiety and depression. 

The good news is there are several effective treatments for ED, which you can get at New Vitality Centers in Brandon, Florida. Dr. George Trim and our team are erectile dysfunction specialists who understand how much the condition can diminish your quality of life and offer personalized and expert care for people with ED. 

Several factors, including aging and particular medical conditions, can cause ED. A commonly overlooked cause of ED in your control is your diet.

The link between a poor diet and erectile dysfunction

Your diet affects your sexual health. While eating healthy and nutritious foods can help it improve, eating unhealthy and processed foods can cause it to diminish. 

Your diet can cause ED in the following specific ways:

Disrupt blood flow to your penis 

When you cannot get or maintain an erection, it's often because the blood to your penis isn't flowing correctly. A poor diet increases your risk of developing cardiovascular disease, which damages blood vessels and contributes to the lack of blood flow to your penis. 

Contribute to obesity 

A leading cause of obesity is a poor diet. Obesity is also a risk factor for the development of ED. If you’re obese, you are prone to experiencing hormonal imbalances, which can cause a drop in your testosterone levels. Testosterone is a hormone responsible for sexual function. Low testosterone can affect your ability to achieve an erection. 

Our team can guide you on how to implement a healthy diet into your lifestyle to lower your risk of ED.

Foods that prevent erectile dysfunction 

To improve sexual function with your diet, you should have a diet rich in fruits and vegetables like spinach, kale, and blueberries. These foods contain nutrients and antioxidants that can enhance your cardiovascular health and promote healthy blood flow. 

Foods that contain healthy fats like fish, nuts, and seeds also help to improve your cardiovascular health. 

In one study, researchers found that men that ate a Mediterranean diet, typically rich in fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats, were less likely to develop ED than men whose diets consisted of processed foods, red meat, and saturated fats.

ED is a challenging condition to live with and has been linked to several mental health conditions. If you already have ED, the good news is we offer several effective treatment options at New Vitality Centers. 

You shouldn't worry about your ability to get and maintain an erection during sex. Get help for your ED today by making an appointment online or calling us at 813-859-7339. Our team of erectile dysfunction specialists is equipped to provide you with tailor-made and long-lasting treatment.